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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  April 15, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon, i'm mike hydeck. j.c. hayward has the day off today. congress is poised to vote on a republican-backed plan that would cut trillions in spending
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but democrats including the president are firmly against this. danielle nottingham has the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: i'm joel brown in washington. the nation's air-traffic control chief resigns -- >> reporter: the battle over spending is heating up. >> prevent the deadly cuts, oppose this republican-pass to poverty. >> they're pulling money out of people's pockets and handing it to somebody else. >> the house of representatives is set to vote on congressman paul ryan's budget plan. he says it would cut the deficit by over $6 trillion over ten years. the proposal calls for big spending cuts and overhauling medicare. >> spending is growing at an unsustainable rate. >> reporter: republicans call ryan's plan -- >> the path to prosperity. >> democrats have their own name to it. >> it ends investments to pay for tax breaks to million avers and some of the most profitable corporations in the world. >> president obama has also come out strongly against
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ryan's plan. his toughest words came when he may not have known the mic was on. during a closed door fund- raiser in chicago on thursday, the president directly criticized ryan. >> this is the same guy who voted for two wars that were unpaid-for, voted for the bush tax cuts that were unpaid-for. >> the president went after republican efforts to repeal healthcare. >> you want to repeal healthcare? go at it. we'll have that debate. you're not going to be able to do that by nickel and diming me and the budget. do you think we're stupid? >> the president had a much different tone in public when he called on both sides to come together and approve a budget plan within two months. danielle nottingham, cbs news, capitol hill. now, the ryan budget plan is expected to pass the house but it faces almost certain defeat in the democratic- controlled senate. meaning both sides are still going to have to look for some sort of compromise in this. >> well, today, the supreme court is considering virginia's request for an expedited review of its challenge to the federal healthcare overhaul.
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the commonwealth attorney general ken cuccinelli filed suit against the law and a federal judge ruled in his favor. the justice department has appealed that ruling. now, cuccinelli wants the supreme court to bypass the normal appeals process. right now, dozen of d.c. residents say they're fed up with the federal government. they're upset about two riders in the federal budget that directly affect the district. and their lack of voting rights prevents them from weighing in on the issues. delia gone solves joins us live where a rally is just about taking shape. delia? >> well, mike, the rally is about a couple of blocks away. we stepped out and got in front of the camera to give you an idea what's happening today. the mayor is addressing the crowd, telling them that this is emancipation day, of course, here in d.c. but he says the district is not free. now, we're told that the group will eventually make their way down here. the three or four blocks to the intersection of second and c
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streets northeast and they will make their way and point to senator harry reid's office. they say that is the man they're trying to target in all of this demonstrations that will happen today. the senate majority leader, they say, conceded d.c.'s right in order to cut a deal with republicans. funds for local abortions were affected and the d.c. private school voucher program was reinstated. many involved today were among the 41 arrested at monday's sit- in in which they say sparked the movement. >> we disagree with d.c.'s local budget being pretty much held hostage. we want budget autonomy. we want legislative autonomy. we want full voting rights. we're here to say we demand it. we're in the movement, too. >> we're told, this is going to be a silent demonstration. when the folks come down here to this street, they'll have gags on their mouth. they'll remove the gags, raise them in the sky and point directly to the senate majority leader's office saying that he
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is the man who has "silenced them." we'll have much more on the demonstration and hear from the protestors including the mayor coming up a little later today. back to you, mike. >> thank you, delia. investigators are hoping the lure of cold, hard, cash will help them make some arrests after last month's huge fight at the dmv music awards. as many as 60 people were involved in a fight at the hyatt regency hotel in crystal city. that chaotic violent night made it difficult for investigators to find many clues. arlington police have released these pictures of a suspect in that brawl. the hyatt regency hotel is offering a $5,000 reward in the case. fewer cops on d.c. streets could be a reality soon. mayor vincent gray is proposing a reduction in the metropolitan police force that would drop the ranks at 3700 officers. that is down from the current authorized 4200 police officers. police chief cathy lanier did not respond to our request to
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talk about the issue but in the past, she has been quoted as saying anything below 3800 officers is trouble for the city. d.c. councilman phil mendelson wants the issue looked at further. >> when mayor gray presented the budget to the council a couple of weeks ago, i said do we know what the right size is for the department? would you support a study? he said yes. i think we ought to have a study to find out what should be the size of the police department for washington, d.c. >> now, council members jack evans and four others are sponsoring a bill requiring at least 4,000 officers for the district. well, the need to save money could make it harder to get around the d.c. area pretty soon. metro's board of directors is proposing cuts in service to help them close the budget gap. reducing the frequency of trains on the weekend is part of the proposal as is eliminating the following buses... metro says those changes would save $1.1 million per year. the proposal is far from a done
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deal. the plan now heads to a series of town hall meetings and public hearings which start in may. the metropolitan washington airport authority planned to help fund the metrorail project with tolls may be headed to court soon. two dulles toll road drivers filed a class action lawsuit against the airport's authority yesterday. the two plaintiffs are challenging mwaa's power to set tolls for the road. they claim the tolls are more than what's needed to pay for the road and the increased price in them is essentially a tax. the man who heads the u.s. air-traffic control system, hank krakowski, is stepping down. his forced resignation comes after seven instances of air trash controllers getting caught sleeping on the job. >> reporter: the faa is trying to put the issue of sleepy air- traffic controllers to rest. following seven incident where is staffers dozed off on the job. air traffic chief hank
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krakowski abruptly resigned thursday. the faa is also beefing up shifts, adding a second foreign overnights at more than two dozen airports and conducting a sweeping review of the entire system. >> we'll get to the bottom of this but i want the flying public to know we're not sitting around trying to just make excuses. >> the shake-up comes after a medical flight with a sick patient couldn't make contact with a sleeping controller in reno wednesday. >> they're not answering the phone line either. >> the pilot eventually landed safely but it added to concern over controller exhaustion. >> these people are being scheduled to a point where they're really getting fatigued by virtue of their schedule. >> reporter: the heads of the faa and the air-traffic controller's union met privately with lawmakers on thursday. one congressman suggested that the faa needs to help its employees keep their skills sharp. >> sometimes even the best professionals need better and reoccurring training. >> according to the faa, suspected controller errors
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jumped in 2010 by more than 600 even though more than half were considered minor, it may not be very comforting for passengers already on edge. >> you travel knowing you have that security blanket up there. if they're not doing their job, then it makes. >> little nervous to travel. >> officials hope their latest steps will help fix the system and ease those nerves. joel brown, cbs news, washington. government records show that more than 20% of the nation's air-traffic controllers work at least one midnight shift within 14 days which puts them at risk of falling asleep making critical safety mistakes. ok, we are following breaking news out of glen bernie, maryland, where crews have their hands full. they have had their hands full battling a three alarm apartment fire. the crews have been battling this on water fountain way for most of the morning and now into the noon hour. at this point, no injuries have
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been reported. once the fire is under control, investigators are going to try to figure out what caused it. still to come when the news continues, service dogs on metrobuses and trains not really a big deal, right? but find out why this particular dog is raising some concern about passengers in metro. >> first, find out why the international community is putting pressure on the u.s. and nato to provide more military muscle to the mission in libya. we'll be right back.
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nato leaders are holding meetings in berlin on the crois sis in libya now. charlie d'agata reports, there's been another act of defiance from the gadhafi family. >> reporter: the faa is trying to put the issue of sleepy air- traffic controllers to rest. following seven incidents where staffers dozed off on the job, air traffic chief -- >> ok, we're having a little problem with that tape there. hopefully we'll have the story for you in just a moment. and we have a beautiful day outside! not a bad start for a friday. howard says there are some changes coming for the weekend and most of your activities probably tomorrow will end up being inside for a change. i think that's out on the weather terrace now. mr. bernstein, over to you. >> it is beautiful right now. if this could only be tomorrow. we have quite a system coming which promises to bring rain, storms. we'll talk about that. we'll go to break and hear the
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wind picking up now. we'll look at the allergy updates where the tree pollen has come in high. the grass is low along with the mold spores, i'll try to break down the stormy weekend forecast when 9news at noon returns.
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>> a japanese company told the company that manages the fukushima plant to make compensation payments. each household displaced because of radiation will get about $12,000 u.s. dollars. the payments should start by mid april. more than 48,000 homes have been evacuated so far. well, you could call it camping with a cause. some teachers at montgomery village middle school woke up on the roof of the school this morning. you can see them right there sleeping bags and all. they made good on their promise to sleep on the roof if the students raise the at least $500 for the victims of last month's deadly earthquake and tsunami in japan. >> we wanted to do things together and we wanted to support japan and teach the kids how to think about other people. >> students raised the money by paying $1 per day to wear hats or pajamas to school. they ended up making about $600 to do that.
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debate is underway after some unusual photos from metro riders have surfaced on the internet. photos show a passenger riding buses and trains with a dog that appears to be a pitbull. the dog usually has on a red harness and a vest, common attire for a service dog but people who have seen the dog say it behaves perfectly. some riders, however, told us they would be scared to board if they saw a pitbull. the americans with disabilities ability requires any business to deal with the public to let service dogs use their service with their owners. with pet line nine we do every thursday, i've met some wonderfully caring and gentle pitbulls. >> they're very, very smart. if they're well-trained, they are fine. >> they have a reputation. it depends a lot i think on the owner. >> i agree. weatherwise, it is nice right now. >> go for a walk with the dog. >> enjoy it because tomorrow, they can are going downhill in a big way. tomorrow will be one of the days, stay up on the weather.
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we have potential for flooding out in the shenandoah valley. the potomac highlands, potential for flooding along coastal areas and some strong storms south of washington. looking at our day planner for this afternoon, it is nice. lots of sunshine now. we'd hold in the low, maybe even mid-60s for the afternoon. some spots west will get close to the 70 degree mark in spite of the fact we have a brisk east wind at about 15 miles per hour and it is gusting at times over 20 miles per hour. 5:00 p.m. temp, 62. this evening, the clouds will start to thicken up. 57 by 7:00. by 9:00, going out, 53. you'll need a jacket. it will feel like it is in the 40s. our outside story, a wet and windy saturday is on tap. even if we don't get severe storms, winds will be out of the southeast about 25, 30. could gust more than that. where tonight, out west, western maryland, parts of west virginia, west of the divide, you could see winds on the east side rather of the divide gusts to 40 or 50 miles per hour. we'll have light rain in the morning with heavy rain,
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potential storms in the afternoon and evening hours. then a breezy and sunny sunday. that's how the weekend breaks down. 63 in easton. 59 coming in off the water, the patuxent river air station. look at red frictionburg and culpepper, upper 60s, almost 70 degrees. nice afternoon with the sunshine and 62, east winds at 8 gusting closer to 20 at reagan international and dew points in the 40s. the storm system continues to spin around big time in the middle of the country. look at this thing. this thing is a monster. well-defined low in southeast kansas. snow and blizzard warnings up here. we've had problems with tornadoes. tornadoes on the ground, even in clinton, mississippi. deadly tornadoes yesterday in parts of oklahoma and arkansas during the overnight. and it all continues to really pound tennessee and you can see how this thing is really bowing out across portions of northwestern, alabama, down into mississippi. some of the warnings go down to the mississippi and alabama
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gulf coast. this is a big storm. it will cause all sorts of problems. later on this afternoon, we should be in pretty good shape with the easterly flow, the moisture will start to interact with the storm out west. we may see some lighter showers develop by 9:00 on some of the eastern facing ridges here. 2:00 a.m., look, the rains increasing out to the south and west of washington. that will start to lift northward. you'll wake up 5:45, 6:00, early rising, likely going to be raining there. we've got soccer games, little league games, outdoor events. it will be a rough day for it tomorrow. i think a lot of things will be canceled. nationals game in the afternoon. big lacrosse game in maryland. stay on the weather. it will be a wet one. in the afternoon, look what happens. south and west and this warm front, there could be, we get enough warm air, the winds go more southerly. strong to severe thunderstorms. better chance will be well south of d.c. but we'll have to watch late in the afternoon. it could be pouring then this stuff really gets out of here so that sunday is a far better
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day. here's a flash flood watch from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. west of washington. we could have lots of rain talking two, three inches of rain. coastal areas with wind out of the southeast 25 to 30. tides could be two to three feet above normal. a coastal flood watch. expect a warning or advisory for tomorrow. here's the forecast. today, it is looking good. we're into the mid-60s here. rain develops early tomorrow, becomes heavy in the afternoon. windy, too. we could see some strong storms south 60. much better 60. monday and tuesday, slight chance of a shower as we warm up. i think we're in the low to mid- 80s wednesday with an afternoon storm possible and more storms on thursday and a temperature of 74. we're going to the kitchen. some human food for you when 9news now at noon returns.
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welcome back to 9news now at noon. we're in the kitchen. this is the best part of just about every friday. a little flavor today. did you know that april is empanada month. who knew. we have jason here from -- did i say that right? ninth and northwest. there are more than one kind of empanada. first of all, what is it? >> many different shapes and sizes. could be anything wrapped or coated in bread. this is the more traditional empanada you'll see wrapped in a dough. this one is stuffed with pork. >> does it matter what you put inside them? >> no. it depends on what region you're from. today, we're doing a pasca lena which is traditional served in spain. >> it originated empanadas. >> it originated in spain and made its way through latin america and the caribbean.
12:26 pm
as soon as we start off, i have a little swiss chard and spinach. i like to saute it in a little bit of olive oil. olive oil has a very low smoke point. if the pan is too hot, it will smoke up and burn. but the health benefits that i like to get from using it. swiss chard. you hear the sizzle. >> that looks like spinach. >> it is the same thing? >> it is in the family. just a different type of green. i have a little bit of spinach. the trick is especially when you're making this dish that we're making, you want to be able to wilt it down and get the water down. that's the sizzling you hear. it is the water in the vegetable. we're going to cook that down. add a little bit of salt. just helps pull that water out. >> ok. salt and olive oil, a great start. >> it is. >> and rum. >> and rum. >> as we're adding ingredients here, you have your own special brand of mojito and your own
12:27 pm
special brand of what we see right there. >> we have our own brand of rum and it is great. we have a special, a dark. we have white. we have a 5, 15, 21 year. we press them. pressing sugar cane. you can't get more authentic. >> we have about a minute. we want to know what your finished project is going to look like. we have a little bit of time to add more ingredients. >> of course. put in here to drain. from that, i'm going to fold in parmesan cheese, regatta, marjoram and mix it up and bind it with a little bit of egg. >> ok. >> due to the time factor, this is what it will look like. >> i'll hold that. let me see that. this is what it will look like. what he was mixing up. >> what we'll do is we'll roll into a phyllo dough.
12:28 pm
>> about 15 seconds. that's quick. can you grab out the finished product. >> boom, finished product. through the magic of television. right here. >> there we go. ok. cuba libre. have a great day, everybody. we're back with the news at 5:00. recipe is on the web site at it's true, the usda verifies that my fresh, fit & easy chicken is raised cage-free and fed an all-veggie diet. is there a movie deal? thank you... [ chickens clucking ] now ladies, don't get any ideas. [ male announcer ] perdue. the first chicken company to have usda process verified programs.
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that my fresh, fit & easy chicken is raised cage-free and fed an all-veggie diet. is there a movie deal? thank you... [ chickens clucking ] now ladies, don't get any ideas. [ male announcer ] perdue. the first chicken company to have usda process verified programs.


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